About me

The past 5 years have been all about innovation for me. In the public space and cities, but mainly in media and journalism. First as a master student, then as a researcher, research assistant, PhD-candidate, projet coordinator and most recently as an independent consultant.

In the process, I learned about the potential and challenges of different organisational processes, cultural diversity, and new technologies (especially Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and VR). I came across theories about innovation in economic geography, organisational and management literature, migration sociology, media studies and technology and innovation studies. I was occasionally invited to write about or present my work in professional contexts and this always led to inspiring and constructive conversations about the applications of my insights and ideas.

The value of any work for me is in the conversation with other kinds of work. Of any knowledge in conversation with other kinds of knowledge. It’s in the exchange with others unlike us, that we grow, our organisations grow and our societies grow. But it’s also incredibly difficult to exchange with others unlike us, which means the enormous potential of such interactions remains largely un(der)used.

My strength lies in listening for the more profound questions underlying the questions you ask out loud, in constantly being ahead of the innovation curve in terms of my approaches and the insights they generate, and in looking at this from unexpected but useful angles to come up with sustainable answers to the issues your organisation is facing.

My strength also lies in my passion, my curiosity, and my enthusiasm. I only do things wholeheartedly, and I manage to transfer that energy to others and open up new perspectives on their daily work. That’s what I learned and practised in the theatre, on stage at international events and in the classroom.

Whether through research, consulting, writing, teaching or speaking, I’m always looking for new ways to expand my own horizons as well as those of others. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with your organisation. To engage, invite and inspire open and constructive conversations about the most pressing issues around innovation. Because I believe it’s in conversation that change happens.